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Agricol is a seed company that has already made deep inroads into the South African and international markets for more than 50 years. Their activities include plant breeding, production, international trade, processing and distribution of seed.


De Heus


De Heus feed distributors is an international company with a leading position in the animal feed industry. Established in 1911. 


National Chicks


National Chicks is the largest completely integrated supplier of day old chicks to the independent market of broiler growers.


AVI Products

Avi-Products (Pty) Ltd manufacture and supply specialist nutritional products for avian, fish, dogs and other exotic species. Using ingredients of the highest quality and nutritionally balanced formula, AVI’s products are ideally suited to South African pets and their environment. 


Farmpure Meats


Time- honored methods of preparation applied to an up- to- date processing environment ensure that Farmpure Meats’ delicious and succulent products meet the most exacting gourmet standards.



Ideal is a premium dog and cat food brand, scientifically formulated and made from high quality ingredients to achieve the correct proportions of nutrients necessary for optimal health during all the stages of  your dogs` or cats` life.


Aqua Plus


As fish breeders we know how important it is to feed your fish a quality food either flake or pellet.



Biofos is a feed-grade mono-calcium phosphate. It is produced by reacting calcium carbonate and wet process defluorinated phosphoric acid. Biofos is a source of highly available phosphorus and calcium, which help meet animal and poultry essential nutrient requirements.


Avi Pharm


The company’s main business is the distribution of a wide range of veterinary and related products to the poultry industry. These include: poultry vaccines, antibiotics, feed additives, poultry equipment, rodenticides and terminal hygiene products.