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About Us

Bivane Farming Supplies is a privately owned company committed to providing customers with the highest quality animal feeds and accessories. We also supply day old chickens to established and upcoming farmers. We are an animal feeds supply company based in Vryheid, and supply feeds and accessories to surrounding farms and towns.We believe in training and support to our customers, to make sure they make a success of their business. 

     Animal Health


Your animal's mental health, happiness, behavior, longevity and overall well-being are directly related to nutrition. Like all living creatures, animals need a combination of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water in a balanced diet that provides sufficient calories to meet their daily needs for growth, activity and repair.

Animal feeds must contain vitamin and mineral supplements in balanced concentrations. Too much of one mineral may interfere with absorption of another; too little of a mineral may interfere with vitamin use or other mineral use. 

Disease and Dietary Control.

They say "we are what we eat", and if it is true for us, it is also true for our animals. Knowing how to select good animal feed, how much and when to feed, and how we can control or prevent certain diseases through diet will help our animals live longer and healthier lives.  



Diseases affecting livestock can have a devastating impact on animal productivity and production, on trade in live animals, meat and other animal products, on human health and, consequently, on the overall process of economic development. We here at Bivane Farming Supplies believe in the health of all your animals, whether is be cattle, sheep, pigs, and chickens. All animals need a healthy diet, and therefore through a good diet, improving the production and trade of good quality meat and other animal products. 

A healthy diet for your animals is happier animals and happier owners.